The Renewed Masculine Man

Connected Small Group Mentoring for Men Seeking Emotional Fortitude, Resiliency, and Strength

Join an epic group of initiated men on an intimate journey of renewal!

New groups start continuously!

Move from…

  • A ruminating mind that’s stuck on toxic, negative, fearful, and anxious outcomes.
  • Endless searching for approval and love
  • Doubting your masculinity
  • Low regard for yourself and others
  • Feeling disrespected, rejected, and alone
  • Constant up-and-down feelings about your value and self-worth

Move Into…

  • A mind ruminating on the endless possibilities for great things
  • Endless affirmation and love for yourself and others
  • Knowing your testicular fortitude 
  • High regard for yourself and others
  • Knowing yourself to be respectable, self-acceptance, and the joys of solitude
  • Certainty of your value and self-worth

Who is this group for?

This course is ideal for a man who has already experienced his most painful emotional and relational turmoil and has “stopped the bleeding” that started when his significant other told him “I want a divorce!” or “I need space” or “yes, I do have feelings for him!”.

This is the course for the man that can’t shake the anxious gnawing feelings of uncertainty about himself. The man is having trouble being his greatest self because he’s riddled with self-defeating beliefs.

His primary mission is no longer “saving the relationship” but saving himself. His biggest uncertainty is how he can turn himself around? He’s trying but it just feels like two steps forward and three steps back. He’s not sure if he can continue or even if he wants to. In short, he’s disoriented and confused about where he’s found himself in life and where he’s headed.

His wants are simple…

  • He wants to start feeling better and have less pain.
  • He wants intimacy, deep emotional connection, and intimacy.
  • He wants to feel confident in his own skin.
  • He wants camaraderie and support.
  • He wants to be the best man he can be.

But he spends a good bit of time wondering…

  • Will I ever be happy?
  • Will I ever experience intimacy again? It seems so impossible!
  • Can my relationship be salvaged?
  • When will she ever start to work on herself?

If this is you and you’re ready to go on this journey, make the decision and do it!

Just make sure first you are a man that is…

  • Ready to support his brothers.
  • Responsible for himself
  • Committed to this journey
  • Willing to put in the
    • Love
    • Initiative
    • Follow-through
    • Effort
    • (See my video explaining this here)

This course is invite only, however you are welcome to request an invitation below and let me know why you want to be a part of this group.

Experience a renewed masculine mind, heart, and body
  • I will guide you through learning how to stop giving your power away to the negative thoughts and fears in your head.
  • I will show you how to rekindle your ability to feel alive in your heart again, and how to use it as a superpower to fuel your personal growth, and serve you as a trusted part of your transformation.
  • You will understand what has been keeping you from being able to build and sustain connection with others.
  • We will create habits that make you feel alive, mature, and in control of your life for a change.
Grow in your mastery over fear, anxiety, doubt, insecurity and shame
  • Learn effective tools for regaining your self-control.
  • Understand why your wife or girlfriend tells you “you always make it about you!”, “you never listen”, and “you don’t understand” even though you heard every word she said.
  • Quiet your anxiety and fears.
  • Stop the toxic thinking that is undermining everything you do.
  • Build an unshakeable understanding of your worthiness, significance and value.
  • Kick shame to the curb and taste the transformational power of acceptance for self and others.
Learn simple effective habits that help every man
  • Discover the habits that are handcuffing your masculine journey.
  • Develop new habits that serve you and reinforce your value, worth, and significance as a man.
  • Build habits that stick by finding out why they haven’t so far and learning new ways to more effectively build them.
Participate in a six-month deeply intense small group journey
  • Join dozens of other men in a deep dive into personal transformation.
  • Most men travel through the experience in small “bands of brothers” of 6-12 men.
  • Uncover your best masculine self among a tight-knit community of brothers who will love and support you.
  • Take your community with you when you’re done. As long as you’re a member of the network, you’ll have access to your own small group mentoring tribe.
What's included
  • 20+ hours of deep-dive video instruction with group conversation and discussion.
  • 24+ hours of guided, up-close-and-personal mentoring, delivered via a minimum of 12 sessions. Each 120-minute small-group zoom session is participation-based and includes connection, instruction, support, and more.
    • All calls recorded and provided to participants
    • Access to all prior recorded sessions taking place in the RMM community. 
  • 33% discounted membership to for one year. (  ($115 value)
    • Private men’s only social-media alternative where men connect with mentors.
    • There is no big tech, ads, or sales pitches – nothing but men being awesome.
    • Access to content from men’s mentors and coaches from all over the world.
    • Access to 20+ live, open, participation-oriented, connecting men’s calls per month! This is in addition to the course calls!
    • Post questions, share your challenging emotions and get loving replies and support from other men like you all over the world.
    • Access to content for men is not found anywhere else on the internet by men who have the know-how and have reconciled their relationships.
  • Take your mentoring journey with you via an excellent mobile experience where your course contents, calls, and community are all available in one easy-to-use app.
  • Easy-to-follow courseware that works on your phone and computer. Easily find assignments, share results, and track progress.

Are there any other expenses?

  • You should budget up to ~$225 for extra materials you will purchase directly from online or local retailers for this course.

Other reasons you will love this experience
  • Mentoring and coaching that is dialogic, socratic and at times dialectic .In layman’s terms, that means I talk with men vs at them.
  • Constant challenge and encouragement to think critically and deeply, learning to trust your own inner wisdom and guidance.
  • Because you’ll…
    • develop a growing sense of satisfaction with and confidence in yourself.
    • learn to enjoy the pleasure of your own company allowing others to enjoy yours!
    • love seeing where you started, where you are going and having a trustable path and guide to follow on this journey.
    • arrive at the end of the experience with a keener insight into yourself that will serve you in every journey going forward.
    • have new habits, new awareness, and a new outlook.
      It’s gonna be great, I can’t wait for you to see who you become!
Dates, times, session length

The experience takes place in four “stages” color-coded as “Stage 1”, “Stage 2”, “Stage 3”, and “Stage 4”. Each phase is approximately 45-days in length.

There are two 120-minute sessions per stage per month.

As a man experiences the journey, he is free to join the calls offered in his current phase and any call in any stage he has already completed.

This means he can join live sessions for new and fresh perspectives on any previously-completed content.

Each stage meets twice a month (minimum):

  • Two 120-minute mentoring sessions per month.
  • Each phase has one meeting on one Thursday per month at 7 PM ET and one Tuesdays per month at 4 PM ET.
  • All calls are recorded and made privately available to ONLY course participants.
    • Missing a few calls is not disruptive to diligent participants because new participants and new phases are happening constantly and a man can revisit any phase he desires to revisit.

Program Terms


Application Fee: $250:  In order to prevent tire-kickers and half-hearted brothers from derailing our start dates by pondering until the last minute, there is an application fee of $250. It will be deducted from the final course payment (see below)



Payment options:

Schedule 1: Pay In Full ($2179)

  • Pay the remaining balance of $1929 in full before the course’s first session

Schedule 2: Two Payments ($2300)

  • First payment: $1150 due before the course’s first session. 
  • Second payment: $900 due before the course’s seventh session

Schedule 3: Pay using PayPal’s Pay-in-4 or PayPal Credit ($2300)

Optional, private, deeply personal, one-on-one guided experiences. 

  • TWELVE private, 90-minute, one-on-one sessions with Apprentice mentors. Cost: $1600
  • TWELVE private, 90-minute, one-on-one sessions with Sven to be used over the duration of the course. Cost: $4200
  • ***NOTE***:Private guided options with Sven also unlock LIFETIME FREE access to the GG2GM Live Coaching Roundtable, itself a $600/yr value.


The Process:

When an applicant applies, those who are not yet members of the Mentoring.Men platform will be invited into the Mentoring.Men community.

This is the virtual “waiting room” where men begin to get to know one another, build community, and begin to experience connection, help, and support even before the course has begun.

New group experiences are scheduled once the waiting room fills with 6 or more approved applicants.

At that time, men “in the waiting room” are invited to begin the journey and their private guided experience if they’ve selected that option.

The Fine Print:

No refunds are given after the course begins. If an applicant cannot complete the course due to an emergency they may elect to re-enter the course at a later time and conclude their training.

Those who have not paid the course fees by the due dates will forfeit their place in the course and their deposit. 

Candidates are carefully selected for each new group based on availability, personal and group dynamics, and geographical location.

The next session might not be your group or your time, but I will seek to plug you into a similar experience or group and apply your deposit to those program costs.

If I cannot place you into a suitable group or experience within six months of requesting an invitation, your deposit will be refunded (however, Mentoring.Men subscriptions are not refundable).

After seven months of course participation, members may continue their journey through the course and community, re-taking any content and attending any live session of any prior phase.

Interested participants who begin to demonstrate mastery of the content and transformation may be invited into the RMM Instructors Guild to cultivate their skills into professional/semi-professional mentoring roles within the community.


Request An Invitation Below

I may occasionally send materials, swag, and often a gift upon the completion of the journey. Please provide a good address for doing so.
My mentoring is delivered via a robust and custom course and mentoring curriculum that I host on the Mentoring.Men platform. For this reason, membership is required for the duration of the mentoring journey. You will receive more information about this in your confirmation email if you are not already a member.
See segment info in the Renewed Masculine Man page. Please note: You must complete segments in order, starting with Segment 1. Please do not signup for later segments until you've completed the one before it.
Payment options:

You will begin to be charged immediately based on your selection and continue to be charged until you cancel or you reach the end of the Renewed Masculine Man program in 24 months.

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