Renewed Masculine Man
Instructors Guild

Learn to walk alongside of other men on the Renewed Masculine Man Experience.

This is an Invite-only Experience With Immediate Enrollment

First Guild Meeting Will Begin the Last Week of May 2022

Who is this group for?

This group is for mature men who are alumni of the Renewed Masculine Man experience who have demonstrated love, initiative, follow-through, effort, and a sincere desire to serve other brothers.

His wants are simple…

  • He wants to keep growing.
  • He is ready to expand into new territory and beyond new edges.
  • He’s ready for a new level of challenge, but not one that is ridiculously hard or unachievable.
  • He’s passionate about serving other men.
  • He feels a sense of mission and purpose in encouraging  other men on the journey
  • He wants camaraderie and support from other men.


What this journey will be like

In this journey, we’ll take an ongoing journey to from RMM Alumni to RMM Apprentice to Professional RMM Guide.

In the first year, this will entail…

  • Each candidate going through the entire RMM course material again (at no additional cost and meetings not required).
  • Each candidate supplying ongoing additional suggestions for enhancements to the course material.
  • Each candidate hosting and leading one RMM group meeting per month.
  • Each candidate receiving 25% commission on RMM clients brought into the course from outside of Mentoring.Men.
  • Once-a-month Live Group Apprentice and Guide Training Sessions via Zoom

After the first year, this will entail…

  • All the benefits of the first year, plus…
  • Being list as an “Independent Professional Mentor” on Mentoring.Men  (even if all you want to do is practice as a hobby)
  • Being listed as a “Professional Guide” on the RMM Web Site where new RMM clients can choose YOU as their one-on-one guide and where you’ll collect professional fees for your services of doing so.
  • Being free to create our own free or for-profit courses on Mentoring.Men


If this is you and you’re ready to go on this journey, make the decision and do it!

Just make sure first you are a man that is…

  • Ready to commit to helping your brothers through one of the hardest journies of their lives.
  • Ready to make and keep commitments to hosting at least one RMM community meeting per month.
  • Willing to put in the
    • Love
    • Initiative
    • Follow-through
    • Effort
    • (See my video explaining this here)

Program Terms

Program Fees:

Monthly Subscription (RMM Only): $100
Monthly Subscription (All Sven-only Courses): $150
Monthly Subscription (All Sven-only Courses + 1 Monthly 1-on-1 session): $450

The Fine Print:

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. However, no refunds will be given.

Apply Below

If RMM Only, you'll only be apprenticing and instructing in the RMM course. If all "Sven-only', you'll receive access to any course where Sven is the sole-creator and be considered an apprentice within any part of the course you've completed. No refunds on prior course purchases. Future courses will be included on a case-by-case basis based on their nature and duration. If signing up with a monthly one-on-one included, you'll also get my private one-on-one support in a monthly 90-minute(ish) session about whatever you would like targeted help with.
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