Becoming An Unshakable Man: A Man's Guide to Emotional Mastery. Course Edition

Are you feeling trapped in a cycle of resentment and disconnection within your marriage?

“From Resentment to Reconnection” offers a profound journey out of the shadows of discontent and into the light of an intimate, fulfilling partnership. Authored by experienced Men’s Coach and Mentor Sven Masterson, a man who has walked the treacherous path from deep marital strife to vibrant, loving connection, this guide is rooted in real-life transformation. Sven shares not only his personal experiences but also the tangible steps that helped him rebuild his life and marriage and that have demonstrated success in the lives of hundreds of other men he’s guided through overcoming resentment, disconnection, and broken intimacy and rekindling their love.

Imagine for a moment replacing nightly arguments, stonewalling, and silent treatments with conversations that end in laughter, hugs, and intimacy. It’s possible to stop just coexisting with your spouse and move beyond feeling like just roommates and to begin truly connecting on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.

This book will show you how to begin:

  • Embracing the uncommon superpower of Unconditional High Regard and seeing your partner—and yourself—in a revitalizing, powerful new light.
  • Taking Ownership of your feelings and actions, stepping away from blame and towards constructive self-reflection.
  • Cultivating sexy  Self-Reliance that empowers you to find happiness and contentment from within.
    * Harnessing the untapped strength of *Brotherhood* to support your journey and amplify your growth.

⠀Stop waiting for a miracle to transform your marriage—become the miracle. Grab your copy of “From Resentment to Reconnection” today and start forging a path to a more loving, fulfilling relationship. Your journey to reconnection starts here.

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This book will help you...

Overcome Resentment

Learn to recognize and release the buildup of resentment in personal and marital relationships.

Enhance Communication Skills

Improve your ability to express feelings and needs clearly and constructively.

Take Ownership

Embrace personal responsibility for your reactions and emotions, leading to greater personal growth.

Create Emotional Safety

Learn to create and maintain an environment of emotional safety for both partners.

Navigate Marital Conflict

Acquire tools to effectively address and resolve conflicts within marriage.

Foster Emotional Self-Reliance

Develop the skills to meet your own emotional needs, reducing dependency on others.

Build Unconditional High Regard

Cultivate empathy and appreciation for others, even in challenging situations

Strengthen Relationships

Apply principles that transform relationships from transactional to transformational.

Develop Brotherhood

Connect with a community of supportive men focused on mutual emotional and personal development.

Achieve Personal Fulfillment

Harness the potential for a more fulfilling and contented personal life through emotional and relational well-being

What Others Are Saying About Resentment To Reconnection

Michael J.Remick
Michael J.Remick
Freedom Through this book, Sven guided me through lessons on ownership, self-reliance, unconditional high regard and brotherhood. Embracing these values has transformed my life and I experience an inner freedom that I didn’t previously recognize and possess.
El Duderino
El Duderino
Highly recommended This book was great. In a sea of self help books focused on relationship compromise, I tried this one as it is written by a man to MEN. The author Sven Masterton gets my relationship struggles with my wife and certainly does not peddle the "happy wife, happy life" sentiment that got me stuck "playing small" for so long. It includes some very personal stories about how the author AND his relationship with his wife transformed after years of misery.And very cool that Steve Horsman wrote the foreword - that gave the book some immediate legitimacy to me.I felt encouraged and a little less weary after reading this. RECOMMEND!
Jeffrey A. Friedman
Jeffrey A. Friedman
For any MAN who no longer wishes to struggle alone in his marriage I am proof positive that the lessons in this book regarding self-reliance, dependency, ownership and brotherhood not only work, but they are life changing. Not only in my marriage, but in every other relationship of my life. This book is not a self-HELP book, but rather a self-GROWTH book. At 61 years old, I believed that I had the perfect marriage. Until she said, "I'm not sure I want to be with you anymore". After the shock wore off, I joined Sven's community of Brotherhood and realized I knew very little of the 4 concepts above, especially what real, non-judgemental "brotherhood" looked like. Now, at 63, my marriage has improved drastically as have most of my relationships. I chose to make some positive changes and worked on how I could be a better man. When you make the changes for YOURSELF that this book suggests, things around you change for the better. If you choose to read this book, that's a great first step. It's a quick read and actually offers concrete tools that men can use in their everyday lives. It's a minimal investment ($9.95) for a maximum ROI.

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Most of my work helps men through resentment and other relationship challenges within the private, men-only community, Mentoring men. If you’ve been experiencing the resentment I described in Resentment to Reconnection, and/or hearing any of the following lately, “I need space,” “I love you, but I’m not in love with you,” “I want to separate,” “I think we should divorce,” “I don’t see myself ever wanting to have sex with you (or anyone else) again,” join me there for support, growth, and to learn to overcome these challenges.


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About the author, Sven Masterson

Sven Masterson

Sven Masterson

Husband, Father, Friend, Author, Coach, and Mentor

Sven Masterson stands as a catalyst for change, empowering men to transform their painful, highly conflicted relationships into pleasurable, highly connected partnerships. As a husband, father, friend, author, coach, and mentor, Sven embodies this ethos of revolutionizing men’s relationships.

As a compassionate, understanding co-founder of Mentoring Men, a global men’s community, Sven specializes in guiding men through transformative personal experiences of Renewal, Connection, Inspiration, and Empowerment. With an unyielding focus on unraveling the root causes of emotional pain and suffering, Sven dedicates himself to guiding men through the intricate journey of untangling their most intimate relationship challenges.

Understanding the challenges faced by men on the brink of marriage dissolution, conflict, or grappling with deep-seated frustration, anger, and resentment, Sven offers a beacon of hope and healing.

Through his writing, private men’s community, and highly personalized mentoring, Sven provides a sanctuary for men ensnared in low-intimacy or sexless marriages and those wrestling with wives who express the need for space, lovelessness, or ambivalence. With warmth, honesty, and unwavering accountability, he assists men in confronting self-loathing, low self-worth, and low self-esteem.

Drawing from profound personal experiences, Sven shares openly and authentically, offering affirmation for strengths and gentle guidance for growth. His approach nurtures deep connection and understanding, paving the way for renewed passion, profound connection, and empowered self-discovery.

As a dedicated Professional Men’s Mentor and coach, Sven specializes in empowering men to revitalize their relationships and guide them toward a future brimming with fulfillment and purpose. Alongside his mentoring work, Sven finds joy in connecting globally with and emboldening men on their journeys toward personal growth and fulfillment.

Beyond his work with men, Sven finds solace in spending time with his wife and partner of thirty years, Zelda, and their six children on their 25-acre homestead in North Central Pennsylvania. He revels in the scent of diesel fuel and two-stroke engines as he tends to the land, sharing the joys of homesteading, gardening, and outdoor exploration with his loved ones. Together, they cultivate not only crops but also cherished memories, filling their hearts with love and their bellies with the fruits of their labor.

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