From Resentment to Reconnection: A Man’s Guide to Overcoming Personal and Marital Conflict – By Sven Masterson



Feeling trapped in a resentful, disconnected marriage? “From Resentment to Reconnection” by Sven Masterson guides men from marital strife to vibrant partnership using steps rooted in real-life transformations. Learn to embrace Unconditional High Regard, take Ownership, cultivate Self-Reliance, and harness the power of Brotherhood. Start your journey to a fulfilling relationship today.


Are you feeling trapped in a cycle of resentment and disconnection within your marriage?

“From Resentment to Reconnection” offers a profound journey out of the shadows of discontent and into the light of an intimate, fulfilling partnership. Authored by experienced Men’s Coach and Mentor Sven Masterson, a man who has walked the treacherous path from deep marital strife to vibrant, loving connection, this guide is rooted in real-life transformation. Sven shares not only his personal experiences but also the tangible steps that helped him rebuild his life and marriage and that have demonstrated success in the lives of hundreds of other men he’s guided through overcoming resentment, disconnection, and broken intimacy and rekindling their love.

Imagine for a moment replacing nightly arguments, stonewalling, and silent treatments with conversations that end in laughter, hugs, and intimacy. It’s possible to stop just coexisting with your spouse and move beyond feeling like just roommates and to begin truly connecting on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.

This book will show you how to begin:

– Embracing the uncommon superpower of Unconditional High Regard and seeing your partner—and yourself—in a revitalizing, powerful new light.
– Taking Ownership of your feelings and actions, stepping away from blame and towards constructive self-reflection.
– Cultivating sexy Self-Reliance that empowers you to find happiness and contentment from within.
– Harnessing the untapped strength of Brotherhood to support your journey and amplify your growth.
Stop waiting for a miracle to transform your marriage—become the miracle.

Grab your copy of “From Resentment to Reconnection” today and start forging a path to a more loving, fulfilling relationship. Your journey to reconnection starts here.

Benefits of purchasing it here:

  • The EPUB and PDF files can be read on multiple devices and platforms, such as Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books, etc.
  • Access to updated editions without re-purchasing.
  • The most direct and effective way to support this message.
  • Special, exclusive versions that are not available anywhere else.

Available Options

  1. Basic Digital Edition: This includes PDF and EPUB for reading on your computer, phone, Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books, etc.
  2. Personal Response Edition: Includes the above + a one-time private video message/response to the questions that arise when reading the book.
  3. Exclusive/VIP Edition:  Includes all the above plus…
    1. An invitation to a private, VIP Virtual Launch Party where I and special guest Steve Horsmon will discuss the book’s themes and message in an intimate, authentic conversation with twelve other men. 6/26/2024 @7 PM ET.
    2. You’ll also receive a one-of-a-kind digital version with a) custom cover designating you, by name and number, as one of twelve men who are  VIP “Trailblazers of Transformation” Readers. b) your digital version will also include a thoughtful and personal thank you letter compiled right into your digital copies (please allow up to two weeks for delivery).
    3. You’ll receive a complimentary, signed, first-edition of the paperback (due out in June)

Looking for a Paperback Version?

Paperbacks of Resentment to Reconnection Are Available on Paperback via Amazon

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