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I would love to get the opportunity to know you and your story deeper and, if possible, walk a few miles of this journey with you.

The main way I do so is through the mechanism of mentoring.

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

Solomon – Proverbs 13:20 – NASB

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Hurt people hurt people.” Well, I’ve also discovered that “restored people restore people.”

Therefore, as a restored man, my mentoring focuses on the restoration and transformation of the individual – primarily men. While I believe all humans are worthy of restoration, regardless of gender, I primarily work with men because that is my experience of this journey we call life.

My approach to guiding men through restoration is deeply relational versus other transactional modalities for personal growth like counseling or therapy – modalities that I do not have the credentials to undertake and which you’d be best served seeking elsewhere.

My mentoring is a great compliment to those services but should not be viewed as negating their need.


Though I am a trained professional Men’s Coach, My most meaningful credential for mentoring is my own transformed life. Despite many hardships along the way, I live an overcoming, internally tranquil, resilient, prosperous, connected, intimate, and optimistic life. I owe this, in part, to the mentoring and coaching I receive from others and will continue to employ for the rest of my life.

The credentials I’m most proud of are my scars, healed wounds, and the vivid memories of many agonizing life lessons. Lessons hard won through many painful emotions, dreary days, sleepless nights, an almost-failed marriage, and more. I’ve lived a life of many blessings too… A life married to the same beautiful woman for three decades and of fatherhood to six wonderful children.

I’ve somehow managed to be a decently successful entrepreneur, business owner, and operator of a twenty-five-acre homestead (Intrepid Homestead) in the mountains of the northeastern United States.

My second most meaningful credentials are the transformed lives of those I’ve been privileged to call clients and friends. I’ve also helped hundreds of other men (and women) on their journey toward the same. Their transformations aren’t a credit to me, but their hard work, yet I also know that our time together on those journeys played a crucial role.

That’s the entirety of what I have to offer – my heart, mind, story, and experiences. This is the essence of my mentoring and far more potent to me than a framed plaque on my wall.

Ideal Mentees

Life did not start easily for me, nor has it gone smoothly. It has been intensely hard, as I suspect it has also been for you.

My mentoring is not suitable for everyone, but best suited for men struggling similar to how I have – under the weight of deep emotional pain from feelings of abandonment, rejection, fatherlessness, disconnection, isolation, unhappiness, unworthiness, and those questioning their value, significance, and identity.

It’s also helpful for the man who is exasperated in his marriage and/or parenting and is wondering why things aren’t going as they feel they should be.

I’ve helped many men (and women) struggling with anxiety, fear, judgment, shame, insecurity, and sadness who’ve had a hard time imagining a life of blessing.

For a limited number of people matching my “ideal mentee,” I can offer mentoring relationships.

See Mentoring FAQ’s for more details.

My Primary Contexts for Mentoring

I have three main ways I mentor men:

1. Within my private, men-only mentoring community where men connect with me, other men, and other mentors through dialog, live Zoom sessions, and self-paced courses that guide men along their journeys. 

2. Within guided small group mentoring experiences where men experience all the benefits of the private personal community and extra attention and care alongside other men experiencing the same transformation.

3. Within  One-on-One Mentoring and guidance where men experience all the benefits of the small group experience and additional, deeply personal, dedicated one-on-one mentoring focused on only their journey and needs.

How To Begin

Working with me begins by getting to know one another in a complimentary discovery call where we won’t talk about mentoring but do it! You’ll taste firsthand what it’s like to share together. If you find it meaningful, it takes all of five minutes to explain how to keep doing it.

What about events?

I love being with people in settings that foster deeper relating. Some events are great for that.

I’m comfortable and proficient speaking publicly but am most at home when I can do so being authentic to who I am.

My personal and public style of speaking is dialogic, socratic and at times dialectic. In layman’s terms, I prefer to talk with people versus at them. Not every event is friendly to that style but those that are would find me eager to participate.

Simply use the button below to let me know what you’re interested in doing together.

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