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Our talk Monday has helped me so much. It was not a waste of your time! My children and I have had the best week ever! Some of the things you spoke about really gave me a sense of peace… I have started to love who God has made me and for the first time, I’m feeling COMFORTABLE IN MY OWN SKIN! I love you and I prayed for men like you to walk alongside in this journey of life!

Brandon M

I ask you again and again what agape love is, It’s you. You show me what it means to love unconditionally and practice wholeheartedness. You’ll never know the difference you make in my life and I want you to know the admiration I have for your patience and love. I love you man!

Michael M

You are the greatest friend and mentor I have ever had. It is an unconditional friendship… I hope I can repay your kindness in some way. Friends don’t keep score but I hope I can be for anyone what you have been for me.!

Christopher C

That was the most spiritually transformative moments of my life and it was only the beginning.

Kevin N

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me the other day. I feel like you really “get” this struggle of the masculine journey in the way no one I’ve spoken to has before.

Michael K

You’re 1 in a million. Don’t know many people as generous as you with their time


…thank you for sharing. Your journey, shared in bits and pieces, is like a lighthouse for a man’s soul.

Patrick S

I always feel like my strength has been restored after our visits

Mike R

My friend – you have been an amazing resource today. You have given me exactly the lanes I needed to guide my thoughts on this situation today. I am grateful to know you.

Jeff L

Just want to say thanks, talking with you has helped me a lot and kept me on course in the direction I want to go.

Kevin D

Thanks for talking things through. Love you bro. So glad I got to meet you…. You’re in-depth thinking of things is exceptional, and I value your input, thank you so much.

Todd K

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