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How I can help

I provide men with highly-personalized, deeply-caring, life-transforming mentoring experiences. I do this through multiple formats and experiences.

Below are the most common ways I take men through mentoring journeys that change their life and relieve their suffering.

Mentoring in a loving community of excellent men

Men serious about their journey as men simply do not thrive in isolation. Men intent on being their absolute best find exponential advantage in doing so in a brotherhood of other initiated men.

Because of this, I devote a substantial amount of time and personal investment to communities of men who have proven themselves to be serious about their growth and development as men.

Entering a community where I serve is the fastest and lowest-cost means for getting more direct help from me. I actively serve these communities with special attention, loving care, custom private content, and reliable and consistent responses to the questions and concerns of these men.

I do this primarily through Mentoring.Men – a private men’s mentoring community that I co-founded with other men’s coaches and mentors. We collectively serve this community with passion and excellence and the men there get very personal attention and care.

This is a great way to get to know me, my message, my heart and my character further and perfect for the man looking for a minimal risk next step in a mentoring relationship.

Investment level:
Time: You decide
Cost: Minimal ($20-30/month)

How to get started:
Go to and signup. Use the discount code SVENFRIEND for a 30% discount.

Small group transformational mentoring for initiated men

My preferred and favored way to take a man on a mentoring journey is through a small group transformational experience.

Why? Because men thrive when in the company of other great men and most (not all) men experience a more significant and speedy transformation when doing so alongside of other men like them.

I begin most men’s mentoring journey by leading them and a small group of between eight to twelve men similar to them through a six-month transformational journey that shows them how to have a completely renewed experience of their masculinity.

The majority of these men choose to keep going through additional mentoring courses that focus on applying and honing their new masculine mindsets and skills even further.

These men become epic men ready for anything life will throw at them, including their own death.

Investment level:
Time: 6-24 months
Cost: Moderate (begins at $2200)

How to get started: 
Go to for more information and to apply or contact me with further questions.


One-on-One transformational mentoring for men

Not every man is ready for or prospers in a small group mentoring environment.

This is especially true for men who struggle with vulnerability around other men and who have not yet gained the confidence in other initated men to trust a small group experience.

In other cases a man’s lifestyle or available times simply aren’t congruent with a small group mentoring experience.

I mentor these men through the same journey I take small groups but through a very personal, intimate, and guided experience.

This is a truly a VIP experience with many clients even going deeper and spending deeply personal, in-person care at my home or their location.

Investment Level:
Time: Six to twenty four months
Cost: Moderate to what do you have in mind?

How to get started:
Go to and request a free session

Sharpening the Saw

Men are never beyond the need for mentoring, growth, and insights from one another.

I work with men who have already experienced transformative experiences with myself or another coach or mentor to “keep their saw sharp”.

I do this by working with these grounded and mature men to establish what they desire for themselves and who they will need to be in the world to achieve this.

This is a completely customized and personal coaching and mentoring experience I design with each man according to his goals and interests.

Investment Level:
Time: 6 sessions or more (to be used over 3-12 calendar months)
Cost: Moderate to “what did you have in mind?”

How to get started:
Contact me with your ideas

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