Who Are You?

That is the question you may very well be asking yourself.

Men and women each seek to answer this question, but in different ways. For most men, this question is answered with a quick list of accomplishments and achievements.  Unfortunately, that approach becomes brittle with age and experience.

Who are you aside from your accomplishments and achievements?

If you are and you are uncertain of how to answer, you just might be in the right place.

Despite whatever else might be going in your life, knowing who you are is paramount. It’s most often the underlying cause of much of what ails us.

That pain you’re experiencing in your person… that is there to drive you to answer this very question!

I help journey through this pain and find out who they are in the process. Men like you!

The Kind Of Men I Help

The men I mentor are typically good, diligent, respectable, hard-working men. Dedicated to those they love. 

Often these men are leaders, entrepreneurial, and by most standards, considered successful.

They should feel great and the want to, but they’re miserable.

For all their efforts, achievements, and playing by the rules, they’re struggling to find and experience happiness and a deep, rewarding life. They feel that time is running out.

Here are some of the things they struggle with:


Ever feel so massively discouraged and alone in a crowd, with your wife, or even out with friends? Does it feel like no matter what you do or who you are with, you’re alone?

I lived like this for years and it was awful.

I can help men work through and overcome loneliness!


Do you wince when you see a picture of yourself? Ever feel sad that there are fewer photos and videos of of you for your loved ones but the pain of having to see the result has made your avoid being seen? Have a physical characteristic that you’re deeply ashamed about and try your best to hide?

I know intimately of this pain. I help men work through and overcome self-loathing feelings.


Are you tried of feeling that no matter how hard you work, how good a father you’ve tried to become, and how faithful you’ve tried to be as a husband, that it just never seems to be enough?

Do you feel like your role is just “security” and to be an “atm machine” in your family?

Discouraging isn’t it!

I help men work through and overcome discouragement!


Do you ever feel like you should be more grateful? Your life is blessed and you have all your needs met, but something is elusive. Something is missing.

This leads you to wonder what life would be life if you could start over, perhaps with a new partner or on a grand adventure. Either way, your values you won’t let you but the desire won’t go away either.

I know what this is like! I help men work through and overcome discontentment.


Woah… where did that outburst come from? One minute you’re feeling fine and then you stub your toe and it’s a total angry tirade of f-bombs and intensity.

Find yourself surprised with the intensity of your anger that spills out someitmes?

Me too! I help men work through and overcome anger.

Does This Sound Like You?

Want to go deeper before connecting?