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Four Keys to Masculine Mastery & Thriving Connected Relationships

Welcome friend,

I put this page together to help you gain clarity during a time of your life when clarity might feel quite elusive.

This page is an extended introduction to my work by offering a perspective on four keys that I’ve discovered to consistently and reliably lead men to the results they want in life. I hope you’ll find it helpful on your journey.


If you’re a married man considering giving up on your marriage believing it’s impossible to heal, repair, and restore, this is for you!


I discovered these four keys in my work helping hundreds of men who are struggling with broken long-term relationships. Men encountering affairs, husbands and fathers facing separation or pending divorce, and dozens of men deeply frustrated from years or decades of sexless, non-intimate marriages.

My discoveries have come as I have witnessed patterns among the men who get the healing and restoration they desire and those who do not.

The vast majority of the men I’ve worked with that have come to understand and implement these four keys with consistency, reliability, diligence, and patience are the same men that have or are getting the results they want – in all of life, not merely their relationships.

These men are always gobsmacked at the simplicity of it all. These four keys are by no means “easy”, but they are simple and any man can use them.

Here is another sobering truth I discovered…

Without exception, no man I’ve worked with who has repaired his relationship and moved forward into restored passion, deeply connected intimacy, acceptance, and thriving have done so without becoming masterful with these keys. Not a single one.


My invitation to you

Below are 7 videos totaling 69 minutes in length. I offer them to you for free. No Sales pitch, not even a request for your email. Watch them. Watch them again. Take the message to heart.

Then, I want you to make a commitment to yourself to learn and master these four keys. Commit yourself to also put aside any beliefs, conclusions, or major decisions about your relationship status until you’ve spent 3-6 months living out these keys consistently and reliably. Below the videos, you’ll find a simple assignment to help you on your journey.

An Introduction to Core Masculine Virtues

Four Keys Essential to Unlocking a Life of Masculine Mastery and Deeply-Connected, Thriving Relationships

Key #1: The Virtue of Unconditional Positive/High Regard

Key #2: The Virtue Of Ownership


Key #3: The Virtue Of Self-Reliance


Key #4: The Virtue Of Brotherhood


Using the Four Keys Together To Unlock The Door to Thriving Life


Final Remarks

My experience is that once a man is living consistently well in each of these four “key” areas of his life for 3-6 months, he is most often also experiencing life with more calmnessclarity, and confidence. Such a man is most often well on his way to restoring his relationship or knowing with more assurance that he needs to gracefully and lovingly conclude it.

Unfortunately, most men endeavoring to do so often end up in isolation and defeated.

One final word of advice…

Isolated men who take personal growth and development journeys on their own tend to take quite a bit longer to get where they’re going, if they succeed at all. I am a great example of this, not understanding these four keys for the first twenty years of my marriage.

With few exceptions, the more deeply a man is connected with other men on the same path, the more rapidly he experiences transformation. That’s Key #4: Brotherhood in action.

If these Four Keys resonate with you and you want to explore experience accelerated growth in these Four Keys to Mastery and Thriving Connected Relationships, I’d like to invite you to experience a complimentary Four Keys clarity call.

We’ll talk about where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go.

No BS. No sales pitch – just a man-to-man talk about the Four Keys and what you need to do to wield them.

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