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Deeply Personal Care for the Disheartened Hero

disheartened hero

Hey brother, welcome!

Chances are that you’re here staring at this page for a handful of reasons…

You or someone you know probably heard about me from a conversation I had with my wife, Zelda where we talked about our relationship and how I spent several decades seeing Zelda’s painful past as preventing us from having the relationship I always wanted.

Perhaps you heard me talk about that deep longing every man has from childhood to be a hero and how we enter marriage with the strong desire to be the hero for our gal, showing up strong, slaying enemies, and creating safety and provisions.

But that’s not how the story went, is it? Instead of feeling like heroes, we meet anger, frustration, disappointment, disrespect, and maybe even worse. We wanted to be the hero and gain her love and adoration, but instead we got “I’m not in love with you any more” or “I think we should separate”. 

The man who should continue reading and get in touch with me is…

  • The man who’s always longed to be the hero, but not been able to experience that feeling in his marriage.
  • The man who’s been seeing his wife’s painful past and her failure to address it as the major roadblock to making their marriage better.
  • The man who’s feeling disheartened and like there’s no hope for making his marriage better.
  • The man who’s tired of wondering when life will get better.
  • The man who’s worried that that time is running out and that if he doesn’t figure things out fast, will never get to live the life he wants.


I wake up every day to show men how to restore the broken parts of their lives and relationships and how to use their pain to create the lives they want.


What you should do next!

If you’re still reading this and feeling like I’ve been living inside your head, under your couch, or reading your journal, I want to talk with you.

It’s simple.

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