Masters in Manhood
Group Mentoring For Masterful Men

Join us for a 52-week curated journey through The Way of The Superior Man

This is an Advanced Group Coaching Experience With Immediate Enrollment and Access to All Past Content!

*Must be a client of or invited by Sven Masterson or Jeff Allen. Requires membership on the hosting platform

First Live Session Monday, May 16th, 5-6pm ET.

(all sessions recorded and available for members)

Who is this group for?

This advanced course is for the mature masculine man ready to move beyond a “hair on fire” relationship challenge and eager to live the next chapters in the skin of his confident self.

His wants are simple…

  • He’s bored with all the talking about relationship trouble that happens in the larger communities and wants something enlivening and deeper.
  • He feels unchallenged as a man and wants to feel the vigor of challenging himself at a deeper level.
  • He wants to go deeper into his masculine energy and frame but is a bit uncertain about how.
  • He wants to explore more areas of his masculinity besides just romantic relationships.
  • He wants camaraderie and support from other men. 
  • He wants to stay sharp and stay engaged.

What this journey will be like

In this journey, we’ll take a 52-week journey through the book, The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida.

There are 51 very brief chapters in this book. For every chapter, each man will have the following course experience:

  • Read the chapter.
  • Review Sven’s video commentary on the chapter.
  • Review Jeff’s video commentary on the video.
  • Engage in a chapter-specific practical assignment or exercise designed by Jeff and Sven.
  • Engage other men in the course in an ongoing vigorous and robust discussion of the week’s content. 

What else is included?

  • In addition, there will also be forty (40) one-hour live zoom sessions throughout the year (all but the last week of every month) where we’ll flesh it out the chapters even further, answer questions, and offer real, actionable guidance for integrating what we’re learning. 
  • Recordings and access to all prior sessions.
  • Two one-hour “power up” calls. One with Jeff and one with Sven (to be used any time throughout the course per each coach’s availability).
  • One 90-minute group wrap-up session after the last chapter is concluded.


If this is you and you’re ready to go on this journey, make the decision and do it!

Just make sure first you are a man that is…

  • Ready to support your brothers.
  • Responsible for himself
  • Committed to this journey
  • Willing to put in the
    • Love
    • Initiative
    • Follow-through
    • Effort
    • (See my video explaining this here)

Program Terms

Course Fees:

Pay Per Month via Subscription: $210
Pay Yearly: $2140 (15% off)

The Fine Print:

The course content covers one year.

Participants engage in weekly self-study and assignments along with live, weekly, one-hour group coaching calls via Zoom.

Participants can join at any time. New participants can always join the next available live group coaching call and may access all prior course content. However, new course participants cannot unlock course content from the past any faster than one chapter per week. 

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. However, no refunds will be given.

Required materials/resources:


*The courseware is hosted on a community platform called Mentoring.Men which has an annual membership subscription of $34.99/month or $349/year and which is NOT included in the monthly course fees.

If you are not already a member, you will receive a complimentary, one-time, 30% discount code to use with your subscription

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