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Hey brother, welcome!

Chances are that you’re here staring at this page because you heard my wife, Zelda, and I talking about our thirty-year relationship that was in absolute distress for a long time. You may have heard how we went from describing our marriage as “mayday!” to more recently seeing it as “payday!”.

Maybe that made you curious? Or hopeful? Or maybe even frustrated wondering why your story hasn’t or didn’t work out the same way?

Whatever brought you to this page, I’m glad you’re here and hope you’ll find something encouraging and uplifting for your life.

I wake up every day eager for the day’s mission of answering the mayday calls of men around the world. I love my vocation of meeting men on this journey and sharing with them the lessons I’ve learned from my own painful experiences. I love exploring with me the not-so-secretive “secrets” I found that led to a life of feeling a deeper love both for and from Zelda today than the I ever did in the first twenty-plus years of our marriage.

If you’re a man whose marriage is in danger of sinking, divorce and destruction feels imminent, or even if you’re just a man looking for more, I’m ready and eager to speak to you and impart to you some of what I’ve learned on my journey.

The man that should reach out to me for a mayday rescue is…

  • The man who secretly believes he probably married the wrong woman.
  • The man who is tired of feeling like he’s living a Groundhog Day existence and that all his life seems to be about us being an ATM, babysitter, security guard, and uber driver for everyone else.
  • The high achieving, high performer who enjoys success, respect, admiration, and attention –  everywhere else but in his own kitchen and bedroom.
  • The man who wanted way more out of marriage than he feels like he has ever found.
  • The man daydreaming about starting over with a new woman.
  • The man wondering why he keeps finding himself infatuated with other women he meets.
  • The man who feels like a nice guy always finishes last but who feels endlessly stuck being one.
  • The man who feels woefully close to having an affair, or maybe has, or at least wants too much of the time.
  • The man worried that time is running out and that there isn’t much time left to find that special someone with whom he can build the life of his dreams.
  • The man who feels horribly ashamed at even acknowledging that he’s given up hope that doing so is even possible with his wife.
  • The man who is privately experiencing deep pain, frustration, and thirst and who frequently asks himself or God “Is this all there is?! Certainly, there must be more!”
  • The man wanting more from his intimate life and beginning to believe the deep emotional connection and white-hot sex and romance he’s longed for is impossible in this marriage.
  • And lastly, a man now stopped in his tracks to learn that somebody out there in the world not only knows exactly what it is like to feel these same ways but knows precisely the way out the frustration and despair.


Who else do I help?

The man experiencing a sexless marriage.

The man whose wife has told him she wants space, “doesn’t feel the same way about him”, or “I love you but am not in love with you”.

The man who thinks or knows his wife is having an emotional or physical affair.

Who are you?!

I’m Sven Masterson, a healed man no longer ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid to admit that I lived in every single one of these stories (except for a wife that has had an affair – but I help a lot of men through that journey!).

In fact, I spent two decades in and out of the misery of these ways before some older wiser men pulled their boat alongside mine and threw me a lifeline.

These were men I had been praying and looking for my whole life but could never seem to find. Yet, it seemed like all I could ever find were men talking about their work, booze, sports, and hobbies, but never a man who would tell me his scariest and most vulnerable truths!

“Was I the only one experiencing this?!  What’s wrong with me?!”

What happened next?

I spent years trying to bail the brackish water of despair, anger, resentment, frustration, and bitterness out of the vessel of my soul. I felt lost in an emotional, spiritual, and mental sea with no radio response to my mayday cries for help. I was unsuccessful in getting help from mental-health professionals, clergy, friends, and family members.

Then two mentors came into my life, showed me the same kind of authentic vulnerability I now show other men, and helped me upright my ship.

They helped me repair my boat, learn how to stop crashing into sandbars and breakers, and taught me a better way to sail. All this time I had thought I had a bad boat. Turns out, I was just a woefully unskilled sailor short on insight and heavy on hubris.

I started telling my story to other men around the globe and discovering, much to my surprise, just how many men were stuck in similar shipwrecked marriages.

Over the course of several years, I began spending so much time helping men repair their vessels, that I left my IT career, and got additional training in being a professional men’s coach.

My time is now dedicated to the mission of helping others stuck living how I had been.

Zelda and I have a great relationship of thirty years – twenty-seven of which as a married couple. We share a depth of love and connection I frankly thought was impossible.

Yet, here we are with a passionate and romantic relationship that would make many people blush.

And… it keeps getting better and better.

I don’t daydream about her dying anymore but have moved on to daydreaming about… I’m not gonna tell you because this website is rated PG 🙂 

Let’s just say, I no longer prefer my daydreams over reality but enjoy them as tools for creating it.


What you should do next!

If you’re still reading this and feeling like I’ve been living inside your head, under your couch, or reading your journal, I’m eager and ready to talk with you!

It’s simple.

Just fill out the form below and I’ll send your more information on setting up a FREE Marriage Mayday Rescue Call with me.

You’ll receive highly personal, loving, and non-judgmental care, encouragement and actionable steps about what to do next all with zero sales pitch or marketing B.S.


End your shipwrecked suffering and let’s turns things around!


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