The Masterfully Cultivating Male

Cultivate Your Woman’s Feminine Essence with Loving, Masterful and Masculine Insight

This is a self study course and community with live monthly zoom calls focusing on one archetype each month. Immediate enrollment!

* Requires membership on the hosting platform

Move from…

  • Incompetent fumbling your way through your relationship with females, in conversations and in the bedroom
  • Wishing the woman in your life were more soft, feminine, open, passionate, and sexually interested
  • Being boring and predictable to your wife or girlfriend
  • Being the kind of man a woman cheats or wants to cheat on
  • Not knowing how to make a woman feel deeply loved and valued

Move Into…

  • Calm confidence in communicating your love passionately and deeply
  • Creating positive exciting tension and romance for your partner
  • Learning to cultivate way more feminine essence within your feminine partner by being your best masculine self
  • Being the kind of man your wife or girlfriend would want to have an affair with
  • Expertly showing your wife your deepest and most sincere love

Who is this group for?

This course is ideal for a man who has already done a good bit of the hard work of renewing his worldview, taking personal ownership and responsibility over his life, and is ready to stop blaming the female in his life for his unhapiness.

He is aware that the story he has believed that his feminine partner was broken has been veiling his understanding and an excuse he’s used to not learn to be a better masculine lover.

He’s ready to move on from waiting for what he wants to cultivating what he wants and recognizes his role in his partners life and hers in his to bring about the very best version of one another.

This courses helps men to become a man who can cultivate his best self within and from that place, begin to cultivate the best in his partner. 


Program Terms

Application Fee: $979

The Fine Print:

No refunds given. There is no time limit to take the course. The course is self-study. Applicants should plan on a minimum of seven months or more to complete this course as each archetype takes one month to complete. Participants will maintain access to the course indefinitely (as long as their Mentoring.Men membership remains) and are able to join monthly archetype meetings in perpetuity.

Participants will also be required to obtain a copy of Open Her – Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman’s Love & Desire

If an applicant elects not to complete the course they can elect to complete the course at a later time and conclude their training.

The course does requires membership on the course platform ( which has an annual membership subscription. (You will receive a complimentary, one-time, 30% discount code if you do not yet have such a subscription)

Apply Below

I will be occasionally sending some materials for the coaching program. Please provide a good address for doing so.
I affirm my understanding that if I apply for this course without being an alumni of The Renewed Masculine Man or private one-on-one coaching with Sven, that I will not be refunded my deposit.
Price: $ 979.00
The course fee covers access into the course community and online learning and monthly live zoom sessions covering one archetype per month.Course experience is delivered via where applicants MUST first be members. Applicants will be separately invoiced according to the the additional course options they choose below.
You will not be charged today for your selection and will be invoiced according to the payment schedule you selected above. One-on-one guided experience sessions are 90-minute private zoom sessions between you and your guide.
This course is hosted in a private online community with its own mobile and desktop app. The courseware is hosted in this platform. If you are not already a member of Mentoring.Men, your course membership will include a 30% discount.
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You will be invoiced for the remaining balance according to your selected payment option above.

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