Momento Mori Masculinity

Stop dying to live better by living to die better

This is a self study course and community with immediate enrollment!

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Move from…

  • Worry and anxiety over your death
  • Fear that you’ll die before you have a chance to really live
  • Wondering what will happen to your wife and kids if you die
  • Concern that you won’t leave a meaningful legacy behind

Move Into…

  • Calm confidence about your eventual mortality.
  • Embracing your mortality as a superpower to live with excellence.
  • Assurance that your wife and kids will deeply feel your love long after your perish.
  • Certainty that your legacy will abide for generations.

Who is this group for?

This course is ideal for a man who has no stranger to to uncomfortable places and topics in his life and is ready to face one of life’s most uncomfortable topics – death. in particular, his own death.

He doesn’t really want to do this, but he’s tired of living worrying what would happen if he suddenly collapsed and died, slipped away in his sleep, or met his untimely demise in an accident.

He’s not necessarily scared of dying himself, maybe a bit. His primary worry is what will happen to those he loves. How will they cope when he’s gone?

Who will walk his daughters down the isle on their wedding day? Will is sons know how deeply he loves them and how proud he is of them if he were to pass away suddenly? Will his wife be able deal with that pesky and nuanced sump pump that he nurses through the spring rains? 


His wants are simple…

  • He wants to start feeling better better about his eventual death
  • He wants stop feeling sweaty palms and shallow breaths when he thinks about the “what ifs”
  • He wants to feel confident that he’s ready for his end whenever it comes.
  • He wants camaraderie and support from other men.
  • He wants to be the best man he can be and live the best life he can before he dies.

But he spends a good bit of time wondering…

  • Is there enough time to live the life that I want before I die?
  • Can I spend less time worry about death, illness, and calamity and start really living?
  • Will the fear of death ever go away?

If this is you and you’re ready to go on this journey, make the decision and do it!

Just make sure first you are a man that is…

  • Ready to support his brothers.
  • Responsible for himself
  • Committed to this journey
  • Willing to put in the
    • Love
    • Initiative
    • Follow-through
    • Effort
    • (See my video explaining this here)

Program Terms

Application Fee: $297

The Fine Print:

No refunds given. There is no time limit to take the course. The course is self-study. Applicants should realistically expect between three and six months to complete this course.

There are no other required course materials, however there are numerous recommended resources (commonly available) that are recommended to enhance the journey and self-discovery.

If an applicant elects not to complete the course they can elect to complete the course at a later time and conclude their training.

The course does requires membership on the course platform ( which has an annual membership subscription. (You will receive a complimentary, one-time, 30% discount code if you do not yet have such a subscription)

Apply Below

I will be occasionally sending some materials for the coaching program. Please provide a good address for doing so.
Sometimes I send group members some bonus content 🙂
This course builds upon skills, mindsets, and concepts my clients learn in The Renewed Masculine Man. Therefore, it's not presently open to those who've not yet completed the RMM course.
Price: $297.00
The course fee covers access into the course community and online learning (via where applicants MUST first be members). Applicants will be separately invoiced according to the the additional course options they choose below.
***Note: Those working to become professional mentors on Mentoring.Men - each private session above earns one "credit" toward the twenty four credit requirement. The course without private sessions does not earn credits.
You will be invoiced for the remaining balance according to your selected payment option above.

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