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Welcome friend,

I put this page together to help you gain clarity during a time of your life when clarity might feel quite elusive.

This page is an extended introduction to my work by offering a bit of perspective on the masculine experience. I hope you’ll find it helpful on your journey.

What I do

I help a man become the hero he’s always longed to be but fears he isn’t while surrounding him with the kind of men he’s lost hope could guide him there.

Okay, let’s be real

More than anything else, I’m a freedom fighter. I enter the fiercest battles a man faces and fight with him to gain more freedom.

Freedom from fear, anxiety, shame, and insecurity.

Freedom from bitterness, anger, resentment, and sadness.

Freedom from despair when a woman says “I don’t love you anymore” or “I want a divorce”.

Freedom from binging porn and shaming self because of disconnection with a partner.

What Does Freedom Look Like?

I help men like “Jack” who was having sex once or twice a decade for forty years overcome his shame, recover his heart, and discover a life with more intimacy than a pair of catholic rabbits – without needing a new partner!

I help men like  “Spike” who was just about to pull the plug on his unhappy marriage find the deeper reasons for his unhappiness and disconnection, address them, and move ahead into deep, emotionally-connected intimate connection with the woman he’d thought was a two-headed dragon.

I help men like “Bob” who was convinced he was uglier than “Sloth” from “Goonies” and that no one could ever, ever love him to overcome his self-loathing, accept himself, and find a deep love and appreciation for himself and from others.

I wake up every day to fight for the freedom of men like Jack, Spike, and Bob.

My freedom fighting mentoring is focused on four main areas of a man’s life:

  1. Repairing and restoring his heart and mind.
  2. Improving his relationship with himself and others.
  3. Showing him the path to an intimate, deeply satisfying, emotionally and physically connected romantic relationship.
  4. Propelling him forward in his purpose and mission.

Why I’m a Freedom Fighter

Because when I desperately needed someone to show me the way and fight with me, I struggled greatly to find men willing and able to do so. I found men with little compassion, little empathy, and no solutions.

As a result, I’m avowed to correct the shortage of freedom-fighting masculine mentors on planet earth.

What you should know about me before you consider mentoring with me

My approach is not for everyone, therefore I’ve prepared the videos below to do two things:

  1. Express what I believe are essential virtues for living an exceptionally epic masculine life – of freedom.
  2. Help men discover if working with me feels like the right thing to do.

What you should do next

Watch the following videos completely and in order. You should know by the time you’re finished if the fundamentals of my message and practice resonate with something deep within.

If you find yourself having some questions, please use the contact form to get in touch and I will respond to you directly.

An Introduction to Core Masculine Virtues

Want to hear more about how I came to discover these four virtues? Click Here.

Virtue One: Unconditional Positive/High Regard

Want to hear more about how I came to discover High Regard? Click Here.

Virtue Two: Ownership


Want to hear more about how I came to discover ownership? Click Here.

Virtue Three: Self-Reliance


Want to hear more about how I came to discover self-reliance? Click Here.

Virtue Four: Brotherhood


Want to hear more about how I came to discover brotherhood? Click Here.

Understanding the Virtues Together


Want to hear more about how all these working together has changed my life and the lives of others? Click Here.

Final Remarks 

Ready to go deeper into these core masculine virtues?

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