You’re not a narcissist… 


but you’ve got some work to do

not sure I can continue why won't she be close?

Congratulations friend, you don’t appear to have narcissistic behaviors, despite what you might be hearing from others.

It might be easy to feel great at this point, print this page out and go to your wife and say “Aha! See… this random men’s mentor on the internet who has no mental health credentials… he says I’m NOT a narcissist!”

I know it feels good to get a little validation that you’re not a terrible monster, or crazy. I wish that were all there was to addressing what is happening to you.

It’s not.

Though you’re not currently displaying a lot of narcissistic behaviors, you are operating in some ways that are undermining your marriage and working against a life of intimacy, closeness, and deep-connection. The life you want is possible, but to get there, some things need to change – not in your wife or partner, but in you.

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