I Take Men On Journeys of Self-Discovery

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My own journey to uncover who I am has felt very aimless and unnavigable at times. There was no map and no guide. This absence of a map and more importantly, a dearth of willing and capable guides became one of the most painful issues in my life.

Pain. It’s a funny thing sometimes. Often we’re pained in very precise ways that ultimately lead us to the very things we seek and our mission, purpose, and passion here on this planet.

My own pain led me to not only become a mentor and coach, but to create a map, journeys, and experiences for others.

When a man enters a mentoring relationship and journey with me, they start by learning where they are. They learn where they’re going, and they’re guided along the path to get there.

The journey I guide them on has a map and like most good maps, there are waypoints to help men plan their travel and orient themselves as they go.

Here are the way points on the journey I take men on.

Waypoint #1

Reaching out for help

making that first connection

The very first waypoint on a man’s journey to self-discovery is the critical first step of reaching out for a guide to walk with him along the way.

To engage on this journey, he’ll need to overcome his fear of starting, the worry that he’ll look foolish, the anxiety about what his romantic partner might think, and muster the courage and vulnerability to allow himself to be seen authentically by another man.

He’ll know he’s ready for this journey when he can commit to filling out a request for a free session with me and clicking the “submit” button.


Waypoint #2

A Complimentary Introduction Call

complimentary call

The second waypoint a man travels to on this journey is a complimentary introduction call with me.

It’s at this point that a man first encounters a man he could consider a companion for the challenging trails he’ll encounter ahead.

He’ll tell me his story in this 60-90 minute call. How he got where he is…What trials have hindered him… Where he wants to go.

He’ll experience the deep sigh of relief from meeting someone who’s been where he is, found a way to survive, and even journey beyond suffering to thriving.

He’ll receive empathy, compassion, understanding, refreshment, and encouragement.

Eager for this? Get started with Waypoint #1 today!

Waypoint #3

An Invitation to a Brotherhood of Initiated Men

The third waypoint on a man’s journey is an invitation to join me and other men like him in a brotherhood of noble, high-character, virtuous men.

If he accepts the invitation, he’ll be welcomed into a private, global community of intelligent and thoughtful men, each journeying toward an epic experience of a life of fullness, connection, mission, and purpose.

It is here that he’ll begin the deep inner work of shedding the boyhood attitudes and actions that have served him to get where he is but will no longer serve him going forward.

This community will call him upward into a full expression of his deepest masculine self. He’ll witness men living open-hearted, open-minded, and open-handed lives of transformation.

He’ll once again sigh a deep sigh of relief as he discovers a community of men that he’d long given up hope even existed.

Eager for this? Get started with Waypoint #1 today!

Waypoint #4

Emotional Resiliency Training

Emotional Resiliency Training

The fourth waypoint on a man’s journey is a short training program on becoming more emotionally resilient through my free course (for those within my private community) – The Emotionally Resilient Man.

Here a man will learn entirely new ways of understanding and experiencing his most difficult emotions. He’ll discover what his emotions and complex feelings reveal about his past and, more importantly, how to turn those emotions into tools to forge a new and more peaceful path to his future.

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Waypoint #5

Renewing the Masculine Mind

renewed masculine man

The fifth waypoint on a man’s journey is a decision to engage in the process of profound renewal of this heart and mind through my six-month group or one-on-one mentoring experience, The Renewed Masculine Man.

In this mentoring experience, he’ll learn how to transform his life from one of suffering and pain to a life of thriving joy.

He’ll unwind the adolescent stories that are no longer reliable sources to lead his heart and mind to fullness and face his deepest shame, fear, anxiety, and insecurity.

This journey is not for the faint of heart, but the stout-hearted man who knows there is far more to life than he’s been able to wring out thus far.

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Waypoint #6

Cultivating Masculine Mastery, Or Exploring  Mortality


Once a man has faced his shame, fear, anxiety, and insecurity in the Renewed Masculine Man experience, he’s prepared to exercise his new mindset and skills.

For the man in a long-term relationship

If he chooses to head to it, the sixth waypoint is toward learning to cultivate within himself the heart, mind, and skills to be a powerfully masculine lover through a seven-month journey in The Masterfully Cultivating Male.

There he’ll learn how to open parts of his heart that he has not yet learned to trust. He’ll acquire the wisdom and insights needed to truly see and hear the woman in his life how she yearns to be seen and heard.

He’ll encounter new awareness of how his shame, fear, anxiety, and insecurity have led him to a life of passivity and indecision. He’ll find the cause of mediocrity and tepid, half-hearted, fearful, and vain efforts to experience the deep, emotionally-connected romantic life he’s always wanted.

For the man who is flying solo or not yet ready to master romance

If he chooses to head to it, the sixth waypoint is toward exploring his mortality through a self-paced course called Momento Mori Masculinity.

There he will learn to live like he’s dying so he can pass from this world as a man who has truly lived.

He’ll walk the frightening path of facing his death and learn to make peace with death and how to fuel his day-to-day life with love and sobriety that a constant awareness of mortality can bring.


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Waypoint #7

 Becoming A Guide to Other Men

Guiding other men as a mentor

The world desperately needs more men showing others the way toward a more positive, uplifting, and transformative expression of masculinity.

Part of my mission is to exponentially multiply mentoring on planet earth, make it commonplace, and, in time, impact 10% of the male population.

For the man interested in doing likewise, the seventh waypoint on his journey can be the journey to becoming a mentor himself, either professionally or casually.

The path he’s taken thus far has itself provided much of the preparation and training to soon walk with others through the same.

On this journey, he acquires hands-on experience and guidance as he learns to guide others. He’s supported, loved, and encouraged as he launches out.

He’ll learn to discover his unique story, the message within it, and the voice to speak it to others needing to hear it.

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