You’re not being narcissistic


You’re being cooperative

not sure I can continue why won't she be close?

Friend, you do not appear to have much of any narcissistic behaviors, that great! I’m hoping your answered the quiz questions honestly and perhaps just took it for fun and curousity. If not, consider taking it again.

Watch this video and then read on.

It’s great that you’re not showing narcissistic behaviors

Well done! Keep doing what you’re doing and be mindful of a few things going forward:

  • Show others what is working for you. Men need mentors!
  • Avoid defensiveness at all cost.
    • If you find yourself being defensive or argumentative, take an internal inventory and see what’s going on with yourself.
  • Never argue
    • It’s unsexy
    • It pushes people away
    • It doesn’t accomplish anything
  • Keep learning
    • The masculine journey is a mountain with no top. Onward and upward!

Is something else wrong or missing?

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