She said I’m a controlling narcissist!

Have you been recently labeled a narcissist? Is your wife telling you you’re controlling? Watch on!

The labels you never, ever wanted to hear

Countless men have been called “controlling” and “narcissistic“. Many others are labeled “emotionally abusive“.

These labels are horrible to hear. They’re often said to a man during the most difficult relationship struggle of his life leading to extremely exasperating outcomes!

What is true? I’m so confused!

Sorting out the truth during these times can be very challenging because most men become deeply confused about what is true and what is not.

“Am I a narcissist? ” you begin to wonder. I don’t feel like one and have tried my best to not be a controlling husband, but here I am receiving the label I’ve tried so hard my whole life to avoid!”

You might be beginning to lose confidence in your way of being and becoming absolutely terrified of sharing your opinions. Suddenly being decisive and, leading worry you a LOT. How are you supposed to be strong and lead when she’s telling you that you’re being a controlling Narcissist?!. Won’t she just find THIS controlling? Isn’t my leading just going to support her belief that I’m narcissistic?

Take my Narcissist test and find out if you are one

I’ve put this quiz together to help men in this circumstance begin to unravel the truth. Find out if your behavior is truly narcissistic and how to move past this terrible moment in your life.

Take the quiz, answering the questions as honestly and thoroughly as possible. You’ll be directed to a result that best describes your behavior and contains useful information on what to do next.