After helping men through their struggles for a while now, I believe I’ve stumbled on a new condition or dis-ease that widely effects and impacts men. This disease disproportionately impacts men in long-term relationships.

Questionitis – a condition that deprives men from the strong feelings of masculinity, connection, and attraction from the opposite sex that they used to experience. Characterized by feeling or being stuck, a growing sense disappointment, discouragement, bitterness, anger, and resentment, and and having a life that is slowly filling to the brink with questions. A life characterized more by questions and uncertainty than by calmness, intention, decisiveness, and action.

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How can a man know if he is infected with Questionitis?

Men can determine if they have Questionitis by carefully noticing how many questions they are asking, specifically those to a significant female other.

Some questions are immediate confirmation that a man is suffering from Questionitits and should be considered an immediate risk to relational and personal masculine well-being. They are:

  1. “Why doesn’t she want to have [more] sex with me?”
  2. “When is she going to want to have sex again?”
  3. “Does she even like sex?”
  4. “When is she going to change?”
  5. “When is she going to [stop] __________________?”
  6. “Why won’t she [stop] ______________________?”
  7. “What’s going on in our relationship?”
  8. “Doesn’t she care about ‘The Relationship’?”
  9. “Does she still want to be with me?”
  10. “Does she still love me?”
  11. “What should I do next?”
  12. “What do you think I should do?”
  13. “Is it time for me to leave?”
  14. “Should we separate?”
  15. “Should we divorce?”
  16. “Why won’t she put her phone down?”
  17. “Is she having an affair?”
  18. “Does she even care about me at all?”
  19. “How can she be so cold?”
  20. “Why is she so disrespectful of me?
  21. “When will I ever be enough for her?”
  22. “Where do YOU want to have dinner, honey?”
  23. “Have you seen my ___________________”

What diagnostic tests can help a man identify if he has Questionitis?

  1. Perform a Twenty Four Hour Question Fast and Detox.
    Test subjects should withhold all questions for twenty-four hours. Do not ask your significant other any questions. None. No “what’s for dinner?” or “did the mail arrive?”. No questions.

    Every time the test subject feels compelled to ask a question, he should withhold the question, and they should document the impulse in a journal along with their response to
    1) what happened and what they felt immediately before the impulse?
    2) how else the information could have been obtained without a question
    3) why they didn’t obtain they information without question
    4) what they learn about themselves from the impulse
  2. Plan and perform a solo 72-hour outing.
    Test subjects should also consider a 72-hour solo outing without other humans. If the thought of this idea creates panic, anxiety, and uncertainty, the subject is likely suffering from acute Questionitis.

    If test subjects cannot bring themselves to do perform this test because they have no idea what they would do, where they would go, or cannot imagine themselves having a good time, this too points to acute Questionitits.

How is Questionitits treated?

Questionitis is treated by administering critical care and attention to the underlying and more serious conditions impacting masculine health and well-being: Shame, insecurity, fear, and anxiety. These underlying conditions create Questionitis in 100% of those infected and should be treated with deliberate care, empathy and brotherhood.

The following masculinity-enhancing supplements will greatly help alleviate Questionitis and aid in restoring a man to his natural state of well-being.

Vitamin “A” as in Action and Assessment

Men claim reliable relief from Questionitits when they stop asking questions and start taking action, specifically by their values and desires. To do this, men must assess what values and desires they have (or don’t).

Vitamin “B” as in Being, Brotherhood

Men claim reliable relief from Questionitis when they slow down and learn that being who they are already is enough. Answers from others cannot supply more being. Men learn being best in the context of brotherhood – specifically the brotherhood of other men who’ve recovered from Questionitits.

Vitamin “C” as in Clarity and Calmness

Men claim reliable relief from Questionitis when they gain clarity about who they are, what they want, and learn that no one will give them these things. Calmness is found soon after as a man begins to understand that because he can create what he wants instead of waiting for others, he can stop obsessing over others and waiting for them to change.

Vitamin “D” as in Decisiveness and Deliberation

Men claim reliable relief from Questionitis when they learn to be decisive and begin investing energy into what they want and desire instead of what they believe will cause others to like or love them more. These men then begin to act with deliberation according to their desire instead of waiting for others to do their decision-making for them.

Vitamin “E” as in Effort and Execution

Men claim reliable relief from Questionitis when they learn to take effort wherever they’d usually ask a question of someone else. This leads them to the execution of their desires, mission, and purpose.

Vitamin “K” as in Kindness and Knowing

Men claim reliable relief from Questionitis when they learn to show kindness – first to themselves and then to show kindness to others, such as their significant other. This becomes possible when a man knows his value, worth, and significance and is enhanced by more Vitamin “B” above.

When to talk to your professional coach or mentor about Questionitis

Most men fully recover from Questioniitis with merely supplemental care. Vitamin “B” deficiency seems to cause most delays in recovery, specifically for men who try to overcome their condition independently.

Some men lack the confidence to participate in the brotherhood of Vitamin “B” or find the recovery time slower than they desire.

Talking to a professional mentor or coach enhances and shorten recovery time from Questionitis.

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