Hey brother… I often get questions sent to me like Greg’s below who asks…

“I’d like to hear about the patience between lovemaking. I.E., the magic moment happened, and now I have to wait 3 – 5 weeks again, but it is becoming very regularly 3 – 5 weeks, which isn’t great, but we r definitely bonding and getting back to our original dating life again. It’s great.

I pursue my goals, focus on myself, and exercise, but still experience random hours of focusing on her or why can’t she just initiate more or why isn’t she more into sex or why can’t she give more or why doesn’t she like sex  or does she think about sex and just playing games with me. And when those thoughts occur, they are tough to shake off.”

Greg’s question and the attitudes that lie beneath it are commonplace. Countless men, especially married men, do not feel they have enough sex.

So what gives? What’s the problem? What does a man do in a situation like this when he finds himself waiting for his wife to initiate sex again?

Therein lies the problem – waiting.

The frequency of sex is NOT the problem.

While many believe their frequent need for sex is some sign of being some sort of highly-prized “alpha male”, the reality is that for most it’s an indication of deep insecurity.

Want to know more? Watch on.

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