Quick Boost One-on-One Mentoring – with Sven Masterson



  • Three One-Hour, or Two Ninety-Minute Sessions
  • Basic Scheduling (7-10 day lead time)
  • No course access is included
  • Can be renewed
  • One complimentary hour for each six purchased
  • Minimum Commitment: 3 Hours

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This subscription is for men looking to make a short-term commitment to hone and sharpen themselves through mentoring sessions focused on specific areas in which they wish to obtain clarity.

This is perfect for…

  • A man going through the JMG experience looking for a short burst of extra VIP care and attention.
  • A man going through a unique personal crisis or challenge who wants to secure focused VIP care, attention, guidance, and support.

His wants are simple…

  • He’s been through intense mentoring and wants to ensure his investment continues to bring him prosperous results
  • He doesn’t want to atrophy or drift
  • He wants to continue experiencing refinement on an ongoing basis
  • He wants to explore more areas of his masculinity besides just romantic relationships.
  • He wants camaraderie and support from other men. 
  • He wants to stay sharp and stay engaged.

What this journey will be like

This journey includes three hours of session time, to be used as three sixty-minute -or- two ninety-minute Zoom sessions with Sven. You’ll also receive email and video support between your live sessions for questions and challenges that come up.

What else is included?

  • Private Zoom 1-on-1 Sessions
    • Recordings and access to all Zoom sessions (if you choose to record them).
  • Priority Scheduling (Usually within three days)
  • Thoughtful, personal, and prompt email/video support for items that arise between sessions
  • One hour of complimentary session time for every four purchased

Additional information

Session Length

45 min, 90 min